Phoenix Point moved from September to December

The game is postponed for the fourth time.

Initially, Phoenix Point was supposed to be released at the end of 2018, later the release was postponed to the summer of 2019, and then to September 3 of the same year.

Now the release is scheduled for December 2019. According to the developers, there are two reasons for this decision: they want to release “one of the best games of all time” for XCOM fans and other games of the genre, but at the same time maintain a healthy balance of work and rest.

As you know, we in Snapshot consider it necessary to reduce processing to a minimum and take this rule very seriously. Therefore, when we realized that we need to do more work than we have time, we decided to postpone the release from September 3 to December 2019.

from the Snapshot Games statement

At the same time, the developers have promised that the fifth build of Phoenix Point will support the project through crowdfunding on the originally announced date – September 3. But it will be impossible to buy the game on this day.


Phoenix Point is the annual exclusive of the Epic Games Store (and will also be released on the Xbox Game Pass on PC and Xbox One). It is not yet clear whether the release of the game on Steam will move for the same three months, but earlier the developers promised to donate to the disgruntled backers a second copy – in the Valve store or in the GOG to choose from – but only after the expiration of the contract with Epic.

The author of Phoenix Point apologized to the backers and promised them a second copy of the game on Steam or GOG. 


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