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Meme out of control: how more than 1 million people decided to storm “Area 51”

At the end of June, one Facebook user comically suggested taking the base by storm.

Area 51 is the military base of the US Air Force. For a long time, the base was considered secret, because of which there was a lot of rumors and conjectures about the content of UFOs and aliens on it. Since 1955, the base has been completely classified, and the US government completely refused to recognize the fact of its existence. Only in 2013, the US government partially declassified the base, saying that it is developing a new type of aircraft.

Initially, the venture was supported by about 100 thousand people, but the “flash mob” began to rapidly gain popularity, and on July 14, about 1 million people joined the action, and more than 800 thousand people were interested in the assault. Ilon Mask decided to support the assault. He promised to provide them with his flamethrowers called “Negnemet” (the US government banned Ilona Mask from calling his flamethrower flamethrower).

Such an event was decided to create the authors of the community with memes called Shitposting cuz im in shambles. As part of this event, it was decided – in the morning, September 20, everyone gathers not far from the base and begin to run like in the anime “Naruto”. A detailed plan of the assault can be found here .

Seeing excessive activity, the co-author of the flashmob decided to clarify that this is a joke, and no one is actually going to implement the assault plan.

Hello, the US government. I want to inform you that the action invented by me on the assault on “Zone 51” is a joke. We are not going to implement this plan. We just thought that this is a fun idea and it will serve as a reason for many new acquaintances on the Internet. I, like our community, are not responsible if people actually go to storm Zone 51.


Jackson Barnes, moderator of the group

Also, the representative of the USAF Laura McAndrews responded to the alarming news , saying that the base is still functioning. She also hinted at a possible conflict between the two parties.

“Area 51” is a closed training area for the US Air Force, and we caution anyone from attempting to invade an area where military forces are training. We also remind you that the US government allows you to protect this area at any price.

Laura McAndrewsUS Air Force Representative

But the statement by the representative of the US Air Force even more excited the participants. The latest user initiative is to recreate the landscape of the Nevada desert with a military base in Minecraft, then make the server public and begin to train the assault there.

Some publish their videos, allegedly with assault workouts.

What exactly will happen on September 20 is still unclear. Most of the publications intend to send several correspondents there on this day, and experts analyzing the behavior of the crowd are confident that an impressive number of people will come with serious intentions.


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