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Lipsticks singers, abandoned pages and attempts not to lose relevance: why celebrities come to TikTok

Some quickly lose interest in the service, others try to follow trends, and others manage to gain popularity. But the majority is still far from the famous bloggers on the social network.

Celebrities are increasingly starting accounts in TikTok – a popular social network with “generation Z” with short videos. The musicians registered in the musical.ly Lipksink application, with which the service was combined in 2018. But now more and more actors, bloggers and media personalities are starting to master TikTok, they are trying to follow trends and become as popular as local stars, but not everyone can.

studied which Russian and western celebrities registered on the social network, what they do there and why they throw accounts.

Foreign celebrities

The first wave of American celebrities registered with TikTok at the end of 2018, when the social network became extremely popular in the US – then the number of downloads of the application increased to 6 million. In November 2018, TV accounts Jimmy Fallon and skateboarder Tony Hawk got accounts in the service. If Hawk just laid out a video with tricks, Fallon made up the challenge and scored hundreds of thousands of views. Both stopped keeping accounts after a couple of videos.

In March 2019, Arnold Schwarzenegger signed up on the social network and immediately gained popularity due to the roller, where he rides a bicycle with a pony named Whiskey. He continues to lead the page: puts promo films, videosfrom workouts and videos about life on the ranch.

But the most popular social network among musicians. Many of them were registered in musical.ly, where the main genre was lip-sync – video singing under the phonogram. They use social network only for promotion. Britney Spears , Cardi Bee , Katy Perry , Nikki Minaj , Dua Lipa , Demi Lovato , Lizzo , Megan Traynor , Shakira , Charli XCX , Fergie , Selena Gomez , Lady Gaga and Rita Orathey record their own tracks; most of the singers published a couple of videos and never returned to the app.

Others are a little more creative in their account management. Post Maloneuploads horizontal videos, Troy Sivan stories from Instagram, and Bibi Rex , Jonas Brothers , Marshmello and The Chainsmokers try to follow the format of the social network – publish backstage videos and comedy videos. In the account Panic! At the Disco, the main character is their mascot, the soloist doll.

Musicians also use Challenges to promote their music. In May 2018, Ariana Grande launched #SideToSideChallenge in support of the single of the same name – custom videos with a challenge collected 1.3 million views. Alisha Keeseand Bruno Mars also promoted their hashtags.

In December, Halsey , Nick Jones , Nina Dobrev , Vanessa Hudgens , Courtneyand Chloe Kardashian registered on the social network for the #CreateForACause charity campaign . She sponsored TikTok and donated $ 2 million to organizations that protect the homeless, the ocean and animals. Celebrities offered users to make a video with Christmas filters and did not enter the service anymore – everyone has two or three promotional videos in their account. In the comments, some reacted negatively to the registration of stars: “The application would have been better without Chloe and other celebrities. Do this on Facebook and Twitter, but not here. ”

The rappers Offset and Lil Yachty also registered on the social network for the sake of one promotional video and did not upload anything else. A producer DJ Khaled has entered into a partnership with TikTok and constantly publishes new videos. Through other social networks, he is trying to attract new users to the service.

In TikTok there are more “humane” accounts of celebrities without any advertising. For example, Gwen Stefani forced her son to register as a musical.ly, and she still puts out videos and videos with children who seem to have captured the singer’s account. Actresses Amy Schumer

 and Bella Thornpublish conversational videos and random moments from life.

At the same time, none of the celebrities who came to the platform broke records in the number of subscribers. Ariana Grande has 15 million “fans”, while 17-year-old Lipsnack-blogger Loren Gray has twice as many. She became famous in musical.ly, and in 2018 she noticed her and signed the label Virgin Records.

Russian celebrities

In Russia, few celebrities pay attention to TikTok – mostly the service is used by musicians and bloggers. In 2018, Mariana Ro , Elena Sheidlina , Jan Gordienko , Sasha Spielberg , Katya Adushkina and Edward Ateva registered on the social network . They shoot partner videos, Lipsies, collaborations with each other and popular on the platform of Challenge. Among them stands out Akmal Ablaev , who makes complex editing videos, and Pleasant Ildar with reactions to other tiktokerov.@akmalablaev

Following Western musicians, Russian musicians also began to master TikTok. Tim Belorussky and Mohito are launching Challenges to promote new tracks, while Masha Koltsova and Nadia Dorofeeva record Lips. The biggest hashtag among Russian artists came up with Little Big – videos with #SkibidiChallengescored over 54 million views. On July 7, they launched the second challenge, #imok, in support of their last track .

Among the actors in the social network were registered only Belarusian blogger Alex Savko, who is already called the most popular tiktoker in Russia, and Vladimir Selivanov, known for the “Real kid”. Savko shoots humorous videos to music with bloggers, and Selivanov curses, beats teddy bears, clicks sunflower seeds, sings and dances under Philip Kirkorov – generally plays the character of the series. Both also collaborate with companies and publish promotional videos.

The strangest videos in the Russian-speaking segment TikTok shoots designer Artemy Lebedev. He publishes videos of fish , cooking kebabs , his legs and watches in the form of dancing Michael Jackson. The comments ask how such ideas come to him.

Celebrities are reluctant to move to new social networks, so TikTok makes partnership deals with them to attract new audiences from other social networks to the service. At the same time, the stars themselves also benefit, because in order to remain relevant they need to participate in the latest trends and keep in touch with the young public.


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