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Eight years old Japanese have been uploading videos on YouTube of street cats that no one is watching. There are already 20 thousand clips

Corner of goodness in the depths of YouTube: the author makes a video not for the sake of views, but for the sake of “own happiness.”

The Outline journalist Joe Weeks spoke about an unusual blogger, whom he called “The Man with the Cats.” He already for eight years at least once a day uploads videos on his YouTube-channel with street cats, shot personally. By July 2019, the author had collected almost 20 thousand videos – and almost no one was watching them.

For the first time, “Man with Cats” was noticed by users of Sabreddit r / DeepIntoYouTube , communities of “internet archaeologists”, who are looking for interesting content in the depths of YouTube. In March, they published a channel with cats, to which by that time only 100 people had subscribed. Reddit increased the number of subscribers to two thousand by joint efforts, and views of one video went up to 23 thousand.

The rest of the videos are watched on average by a couple of dozen people. This is not surprising, because the author, despite the fruitfulness, almost does not care about the account. All videos last about a minute or two, they have no descriptions, and they are even named the way the camera designated them by default: DSCN2885, MVI 8965, and so on.

If there is any recipe for viral videos, Weeks notes, then the “Man with the Cats” video is more likely “antivirus”. Cats on his YouTube channel are the same, most often they eat, wash or just lie on the street. Everything, more than any development of the plot in the videos there.

The Outline journalist stressed that there is something “exciting” on this YouTube channel. First of all: the sequence of the author and the fact that, apparently, he personally feeds these cats every day. Therefore, Vicks decided to find “Man with Cats”, which was not very simple – there was no information in the blog.


As a result, the journalist went on the author’s Twitter and Instagram profiles. It turned out that his name is Kadzutak Niyama, he is 52 years old, and he lives in Chiba prefecture in Japan. The biography of the Japanese on Twitter states : “I live in harmony with cats.” Most posts in social networks are also about cats.

Weeks found an email address on Niyama’s blog (also about cats, of course) and asked him about the YouTube channel. The Japanese replied that they had been feeding street cats for a long time, getting up almost every morning for their sake. Now he has about seven “favorites”, but in general he helped about 50 animals.

When asked why he was doing this, Niyama replied: “Taking care of cats is my way to my own happiness.”


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