Ubisoft Joins Blender Development Fund

Animation division of the company will use the software in their work.

Ubisoft has joined the Blender development fund as a “corporate gold member”. As noted in the French studio, the company will provide financial support to developers using Blender. In addition, her division of Ubisoft Animation Studio will use Blender in its work.

According to the head of production at Ubisoft Animation Studio Pierre Jacquet, the company chose Blender because of its openness and strong community.

We believe that Blender 2.8, which will be released in the coming days, will change the entire CGI industry. Ubisoft has been following Blender for a long time, and more and more of our artists have been using it in recent years […] If a better way to support change than to become part of the Blender Foundation to help technology grow?


Pierre Jaquet heads of production Ubisoft Animation Studio

Ubisoft Animation Studio was opened in 2011 as part of the television and film division of the company. His initial goal was to create the Rabbids Invasion animation show.

Epic Games has previously allocated $ 1.2 million to support the Blender Foundation. The money will be allocated in stages for three years.


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