Digital Foundry experts conducted a detailed analysis of the gaming performance of the new Ryzen 3700x

And, judging by the amount of work done, now they will have to take a little vacation.

According to the experts themselves, they had to spend a lot of time and effort to provide a really thoughtful study of the gaming performance of new products. This is due to the complexity of the “problem” of the performance of modern processors in video games. Graphic engines are becoming more complex, and the processors themselves do not stand still, building up the core and moving away from the monolithic crystal in the direction of the chiplets.

On this, in general, and emphasis was placed. The now-popular “stripes” graphics do not reveal the whole picture of the performance of central processors at all. And the averaged FPS, which modern testers operate with, often gives no more information than the “average temperature in a hospital”.

The competitor to the new 16-thread Ryzen 3700x was supplied with an Intel Core i7 9700k processor (8 cores / 8 threads), while the powerful Nvidia GeForce 2080Ti served as the graphics card. The analysis was carried out in three resolutions: 1080p, 1440p, 4k.

The first game on the tests was visited by a veteran of Crysis 3, famous for almost perfect optimization of the engine for multi-core processors.

Most of the time, the game shows itself remarkably on all tested processors, however … On the AMD platform, there are unexpected frame rate drops, when Intel manages to avoid them.

According to experts, the classical processor performance evaluation scheme would not work quite correctly here, because on average the frame rate on all processors was stable.

Another game in the test set was the new Metro Exodus.

Here, the risen players also could not please the smoothness of the gameplay, managing to limit the video processor in rare moments … despite the 4k resolution.

However, the good news came unexpectedly from Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Testers could not help wondering when they saw almost 50% separation of 3700x from its predecessor.

No joke, the new Reisen was able to impose a fight on Intel processors in the original single-threaded game.

Thank you here, of course, is the “game cache”. Bulk L3 can really help in games.

Switching to Farcry 5, the experts expected another batch of surprise. The processor from AMD, in spite of the expectedly lower frame rate, was able to provide the best smoothness of the gameplay by passing the bench without a single stutter.

But 9700k “tripped” a couple of times, giving a frieze. Digital Foundry immediately saw this as a lack of Hyper Threading technology. 

Perhaps the most unpleasant news came from the Polish classics. The Witcher 3700x showed no performance gain.

Here, the specialists made a special pause, suggesting that the chipset structure of the new processor is to blame.

In the analysis there is also a review of responsiveness to overclocking of RAM, which has decreased. As expected, the volumetric L3 minimized access to RAM. Second-generation processors and Intel’s competitors are still not against fast DDR4.

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