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Kumale Nanjiani canceled his visit to the Conan show half an hour before the start of filming – the moderator had to get out

In the entire history of the transfer is only the second such case.

Kumale Nanjiani, known from the TV series Silicon Valley, was to become a guest of one of the latest episodes of the Conan O’Brien show, but due to changes in the TV show’s schedule, he had to cancel his appearance at the last moment.

Conan O’Brien told the audience about it in the hall right at the beginning of the show – according to him, the organizers learned that the actor could not come, just half an hour before the start.

O’Brien recalled that for more than 25 years of his show, this happened only once – in 1996, actress Liza Minnelli canceled her visit 15-20 minutes before the start.

As a result, the host decided to improvise and started the show with a little revenge. One of the reasons for Kumail Nanjiani’s visit was the upcoming release of the film “Ali, Rudders!” With him, and during the interview, the audience had to show an excerpt from a comedy.

If the guest has not appeared, we will not show the excerpt and promote his film – this is not how it works! To get a cookie, you have to come.

Therefore, we will show a clip from the film, which is also coming out this weekend against “Ali, rudders!”. This is a small picture, which, I think, needs our help, and we will provide it. And it seems to us that this is honest, this is karma. So enjoy the clip from The Lion King.

Conan O’Brienleading

Since the whole Conan O’Brien show is built around an interview with one guest, he had to get out – he came up with an interview with his assistant Sona. She admitted that the producers simply told her to make up, but why did she find out just by going out to the audience?


In search of topics for conversation, O’Brien remembered that Sona and her husband were looking for where to buy an apartment, and asked her to tell them about their wishes, so that someone from the audience could help – there were no offers in the end.

Finally, at one point, the organizers interrupted the conversation between the presenter and the assistant heart-to-heart and said that Kumayl Nanjiani had sent them a short clip that they could display on the screen in the hall.

In a short recording from the phone, the actor Thomas Middleditch apologized for the fact that Qumeil Nanjiani, who was standing nearby, could not come.

Hey Conan, I’m sorry that Kumayl could not come, it’s my fault. I do not know my lines.

Thomas Middleditchactor

O’Brien noted that Nanjiani himself was not too upset.

Kumayl is not very upset. Definitely no remorse.

Conan O’Brienleading

And right after that, the trail of the Lion King was shown on the show again.

The sixth season of Silicon Valley, in the filming of which Kumale Nanjiani is now involved, will be the last and shortest. When it goes on the air HBO – is still unknown.


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