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The satirical site The Hard Drive launched an election campaign for the “first gamer president”

“Our America needs a new support.”

A little more than a year is left before the next presidential election in the USA – the candidates have already started their campaigns. Against the background of serious political statements and promises, The Hard Drive portal launched a comic action : a note appeared on the site about Ace Watkins, “the first Gamer who entered the presidential race”.

America, it’s time for Gamers to become president. My name is Ace Watkins and I am ready to be this Gamer. I urge you to watch my first video and retweet. The future of our country depends on it.

In about a day, more than 15 thousand people subscribed to Watkins on Twitter , and his posts now collect up to several thousand likes. In tweets, he makes fun of the standard promises of real candidates and the current political agenda.

So, for example, Watkins emphasizes that he is the first “Gamer” (with a capital letter), who entered the election race. At one time, it seemed that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton acted – as the first African American and female respectively, nominated from one of the two largest parties.

Democrats and Republicans are just two sides of the same coin. We need something new. We need a gamer president.

Most Watkins tweets are campaign promises that he plans to keep after his election.

On the same day, when I am elected president, I will order to create Skate 4.

As president and as a gamer, I will cancel all debts for paying pre-orders.

Immediately after taking office, I will release the Official Day Patch: Basic income for all in the form of V-bucks , free fountains from Mountain Dew in all public schools, nationalization of DC, Marvel and Lucasfilm, improvement of the national system loot, legalization of video games.

Billionaires – imbalance, and they need ponerfit.

None of the presidential candidates mentioned the “Song of Ice and Fire”. I agree with George Martin that the sixth and seventh books come out during my first term. We need to heal our glorious nation from the pain generated by the eighth season of the Game of Thrones.

I always play for the healer, even though everyone knows that I am the best shooter. I promise to do the same for America.

Like all real candidates, Watkins, among other things, pays attention to the most painful areas for the US society – education and medicine.

Our education system is crumbling. In schools, children should learn the timeline “Zelda”.

Medicine is one of my priorities. We need singleplayer healthcare.

Republicans and Democrats drank sweetened water  when it comes to politics. And I drank water from the bath . Now, after I myself have seen the hospital from the inside, I am ready to lead our country to better health care.

Not without direct references to any games.

Not a word in Russian!

In our country, it is time to seriously talk about reparations for those who pre-ordered No Man’s Sky.

Yesterday I talked to a little girl near the campaign point, and she asked me: “Mr. I had no answer for her. People deserve to vote for what games will be on these mini consoles.

My congratulations to the national women’s football team! ( in the screenshot, the fake names of the men’s baseball team from an unknown Japanese game for  )

I will follow the flag and bow my knee to the Boss.

My comrades from the squad recently asked the question: “Guys, where are we landing?”. And I answered: “There is only one answer. A better future for America. ”Ace Watkinsfrom the announcing campaign video

And, of course, Watkins asked to do what developers have recently asked many gamers to do.

Please do not try to get my campaign involved in politics.


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