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Streamer shroud continued to play at Apex Legends during an earthquake in California

And let the whole world wait.

Last week, two powerful earthquakes occurred in California. One of them happened on July 4 (magnitude 6.4), and the second – on July 6 (magnitude 7.1).

In the second case, the epicenter was 200 kilometers from Los Angeles and at a depth of 10 kilometers. Residents of Southern California felt powerful shocks – there were no mass casualties, but some buildings suffered.

In this region there have not been so strong earthquakes since 1999, however, the elemental attack almost did not bother some.


For example, a former cybersportsman, known by the nickname shroud, shocks found while waiting for the game in Apex Legends. At first, he was frightened and began to ask his party members what to do, but then he started the match, despite what was happening.

During the game, shroud noted that the building still continues to wobble a little, but over time the earthquake stopped.

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