Dead Cells for iOS was postponed for almost a month and a half – it will be released on August 28

Earlier, the release of the port was scheduled for July 17.

The rogue-lite hybrid and metro from Motion Twin has changed the release date on the App Store. Now it means “it is expected on August 28”. Release date on Google Play is still unknown.

At the moment, the game is undergoing closed beta testing. In the Apple store, you can pre-order it for 9.40 United States Dollar
, while on a PC the game costs 499 rubles (without a discount), on a PS4 – 23.53 United States Dollar.


The transfer of Dead Cells to mobile platforms is handled by Playdigious, a well-known mobile version of Cultist Simulator, Evoland and Teslagrad.

In May, the main producer of the studio Lora Saada shared the difficulties of porting Dead Cells to mobile platforms.


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