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Streamer Dr. Disrespect went out of the way to apologize for the incident at E3

The abolition of punishment Twitch divided the community into two camps.

Streamer Channel Disrespect became available on June 26 after a two-week ban, although many expected a much harsher punishment for him. The Twitch administration has blocked the Guy’s “Dr. Disrespect” Baima channel for broadcasting from the toilet on E3 2019.

This action, Beym ignored the rules of the site, where such materials are “violating a reasonable confidentiality framework of third-party confidentiality.” Streaming from the toilet can also be subject to California’s “invasion of privacy” law.

Fragment of a stream of Dr. 
Disrespect at E3 in public toilet

Earlier Dr.Disrespect only joked about this topic, but now brought an apology.

It was my first IRL stream in the role of “Doctor”, and, obviously, I try to match the image to the end. Such characters are difficult to play, especially in modern society. Doc – provocative, very stubborn and self-confident, he is constantly on board. Because of this, it becomes difficult to keep in the image without hurting anyone on a personal level.


When we went to E3 and filmed, we clearly did not think about the laws and the consequences of filming in the toilet, because, frankly, it did not even occur to us. We were fascinated by the IRL stream at the conference and were so immersed in the shooting that we forgot about the limits of what was permitted. We had no ill intent. On behalf of the Dr.Disrespect brand, I apologize.

Guy BameDr. Disrespect

The Doctor himself has not returned to the streaming yet. When his channel was unbanned, the chat was immediately filled with fans, who began to make donations and distribute gift subscriptions.

Official video of activity on E3 from the Dr. channel. 
Disrespect on Youtube

Rasban Dr. Disrespect divided the Twitch community into two camps. In the past, streamers have already complained about the non-transparent system of punishments of the site: for the same offenses, some leading broadcasts received a short ban, and others – a long account lockout.

Many members of the Twitch community insisted on a longer Guy Baim bathhouse. According to streamer Gary Whitt, due to the popularity of Dr. Disrespect him getting away with it. The channel is being watched by about 3.2 million people and about 20 thousand paid subscribers. In addition, the indecision of the Twitch administration regarding the punishment of Baim will untie the hands of other provocative streamers.

Fans of Dr. Disrespect, in turn, was delighted with the return of the tape drive: on the day the channel was unlocked, the number of subscribers increased by 220 thousand.

However, according to some streamers, such interruptions only increase the popularity and frenzy of Twitch leaders.

[Dr. Disrespect] will benefit so much from its triumphant return to Twitch. He returns even more scandalous and disruptive [for the site]. This feeds his bad guy on Twitch.

Gary whitt streamer

Now Dr. Disrespect actively teaser update the channel, and its return will take place on July 8.


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