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Streamer Dr. Disrespect banned on Twitch for broadcast on E3 2019 from the toilet

Also, the organizers canceled his pass to the conference itself.

The administration of Twitch blocked Guy’s “Dr. Disrespect” Baim’s streamer channel for broadcasting from the restroom to E3 2019. On 11 June, the blogger conducted an IRL stream, in which he filmed with his operator everything that happened at the exhibition. Including on video the public toilet got into which Beym came.

Inside the men’s room, where there were several people, including, perhaps, a teenager, Dr. Disrespect cried out the word “Guard” (“Bodyguard”). Then the tape drive went into the booth. In two more commercials, Beym re-entered the toilet and used the urinal.

As a result, Dr. Disrespect’s Twitch channel was blocked. At the time of publication of the material, its page

 in the streaming service gives an error.

Fragment of Dr.Disrespect stream

By his actions, Baim violated at least the California law on “invasion of privacy”. Also, such materials belong to “violating a reasonable confidentiality framework of third parties”, which is prohibited on Twitch.

While Dr.Disrespect has not given any comments. The representative of the exhibition E3 also said that the pass streamer canceled.


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