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Composer Hans Zimmer working on audio effects for BMW electric cars

From Hollywood to the auto industry.

Zimmer, known for the soundtracks of King Lion, The Beginning, and The Dark Knight, and audio engineer Renzo Vitali created sounds for the BMW Vision M NEXT electric car concept.

Together they came up with every sound – from the buttons on the dashboard of the car and the signals to the noise that the car makes during acceleration. Some of them can be heard in the video dedicated to this model.

According to one of the leaders of BMW, the goal was to make the person behind the wheel “feel the pleasure of driving by all the senses.”

Vision M NEXT will not go into mass production, but will only set the general direction in which the car brand will develop. However, the sounds “composed” by Zimmer and Vitali should appear in the new generation of electric vehicles, which will be presented in 2023. The audio format, in the creation of which the composer participated, was given the general name IconicSounds Electric.


Currently, Hans Zimmer is also working on a soundtrack for the film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune, a novel that Denis Villeneuve will put on (Blade Runner 2049).

Hans Zimmer wrote sounds for BMW electric cars


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