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An anonymous programmer has created an algorithm that “strips” women in the photo

If you skip a picture of a man through him , he may have a vagina.
ContinuationThe authors of the project have announced its sudden closure.

According to Vice, the anonymous algorithm maker DeepNude asked Alberto to be called, but this is probably not a real name.

In this paper, the programmer used pix2pix, an open source algorithm developed by the University of California. Pix2pix uses a generative-adversary network, in this case, trained on 10 thousand photographs of naked women.

AI Powered X-Ray App | DeepnudeDeepNude is the only camera to watch through clothes … WWW.DEEPNUDE.COM

According to the author, the algorithm consists of several parts, each of which performs its task – it finds clothes, erases it, makes an assumption about where the body parts should be located anatomically.

Image processing on a PC takes about 30 seconds. The algorithm works best with photos of women who are already partially naked — for example, taken in a bathing suit.

According to Alberto, in the future he plans to make a similar algorithm for men. He does not think that DeepNude can hurt someone, because the same can be done with Photoshop – only with a lot of effort.

I’m not a pervert, I’m a technology enthusiast. I continue to improve the algorithm. Recently, due to previous failures in other start-ups and economic problems, I asked myself how can I recover the funds spent on development. That’s why I created DeepNude.


Alberto creator of DeepNude

At the moment, the full version of the application will cost $ 100, and the version with a stamp “FAKE” – at $ 50.

If you wish, you can download a free trial version from the official site , which allows you to process images, but leaves circular watermarks on top of them. After unpacking the archive to work, you will have to additionally download about 2.1 GB of additional data.

Vice specialists interviewed once again expressed concern about neural networks. In their opinion, DeepNude can cause a new wave of “pornomieste” (publishing intimate photos after breaking up). In addition, legally the algorithm is in the “gray zone” – after all, the photo shows parts of the body not of a specific person, but their generalized image.

A few examples of the free version

Black stripes added by the editors. If you wish, you can try the algorithm yourself.

In this example, the algorithm worked with an error, but still quite realistically conveyed the shape of the body.


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