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EGS became the main digital platform for World War Z – sales in the Epic store almost reached 700 thousand copies

The result surprised even the developers themselves.

As Matthew Karch, head of Saber Interactive, a World War Z developer studio, said that the total sales of the game since its release in April “have significantly exceeded two million copies.”

Karch stressed that the largest number of physical copies of World War Z fell on the PS4, while the main digital platform was Epic Games Store, where game sales amounted to almost 700 thousand copies.

We have always believed that our game will find many fans on the PC. But the real surprise was how quickly it happened and how important the role of the online store Epic Games was to achieve this goal.

Matthew Karch

Saber Interactive Head

The head of the Saber Interactive studio said that the success of World War Z on PCs had exceeded all expectations of developers, and expressed the hope that players would be more sympathetic to the exclusivity of games in various digital stores.

We see no dissatisfaction when console manufacturers release games only for their devices. But the purchase of a separate gaming system requires players to make large investments [than installing the application]. I hope that when all platforms on the PC become equal in functionality, we will no longer hear such a number of complaints about exclusivity.


And speaking of the PC – our performance on this platform exceeded all expectations just thanks to the support of the Epic Games Store.

Matthew Karch Saber Interactive Head

World War Z was released on April 16 on PS4, Xbox One and PC in EGS. In a week, global sales of a zombie shooter exceeded a million copies, 250,000 of which were from Epic Games Store. By the end of May, the total circulation of the game was almost two million copies.

In the spring, developers from Saber Interactive also revealed a plan to support World War Z, according to which weekly trials will appear in July .


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