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“I can not get RDR 2 a few months”: Carey Fukunaga rejected rumors about the delay in filming “Bond” because of his hobby PS4

The director said that because of the work for a long time can not complete Red Dead Redemption 2 and therefore “damn angry, if he zopleyatlyat ending.”

On June 17, the British tabloid The Sun wrote that director Carey Fukunaga, who is working on the next James Bond film, was three hours late for the shoot because he was playing on PS4. After arriving at the site, the director allegedly stated that because of his delay, the team had to work overtime.

Carey Fukunaga responded to rumors in his own Instagram, where he said that being a director is difficult because of constant employment, but he considers his work “the best in the world” and “would never show disrespect for the cast and crew.”

The director also stressed that he had not played on PS4 for several months and completed Red Dead Redemption 2 by only 63%.

The director doesn’t have a single extra minute – even when the shooting day ends, you need to prepare to work on the following scenes, which is why there can be no time to sleep.


As for the PS4 hobby, I hope my progress in RDR 2 will come up as evidence – I have completed the game by 63% and have not been able to move forward for several months. If someone zaspoilerit ending me before the completion of the filming of “Bond”, I get angry fucking.

Carey Fukunaga show runner of the first season of the “Real Detective”, director of the 25th James Bond film

Carey Fukunaga is working on a TV series based on the novel The Last of the Mohicans 


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