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The number of Ikumi Nakamura’s subscribers from Tango Gameworks has grown to 140 thousand people – there were only 32 of them before E3

Only on June 11, 60 thousand new users subscribed to it.

According to Socialblade statistics , the number of Ikumi Nakamura’s subscribers , the developer of the action adventure GhostWire: Tokyo, has grown by more than 140,000 in recent days.

More on June 9, 32 people followed her twitter. On June 10, the day of the GhostWire: Tokyo presentation, 12 thousand new users signed up for Nakamura, and in the following week their number increased to 147 thousand.

During the E3 2019 itself, the audience warmly welcomed the developer. After the presentation, GhostWire: Tokyo on the network began to appear memes with the creative director of Tango Gameworks: fans admitted to her love and even said they were ready to die for her.

Who is Ikumi Nakamura, so liked the audience of the conference Bethesda


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