Improving accuracy and changing animations: the developer Syberpunk 2077 spoke about the system of possession of weapons

By the release, it may still change.

A senior Cyberpunk level designer 2077, Miles Tost, in a conversation with The Game Fanatics, said that the game is particularly attracted to the weapon possession system, which the authors are now engaged in.

According to the Toast, the development of the skill of owning one type of weapon directly depends on how much the character uses it. The more time Vi shoots from a revolver, the more effectively he treats him.

Increasing the level of possession of weapons will be reflected, for example, in reducing the spread of bullets, reducing recoil, reloading speeds and even animations – Wee’s movements will be more confident and accurate.

The toast also noted that developers are aware of such a problem, when a player can pass 50 hours with one weapon and then suddenly want to switch to another, the skill of possession of which he has not pumped.


Partially it will be solved by the opportunity to go to the shooting range at any time, where the leveling of the weapon will go faster due to the bonus, and melee combat can be developed in boxing fights.

According to Toast, he hopes that this system will reach the release in a conceived form, thereby not rejecting the likelihood that it can still change, since the release is still almost a year.

A variety of animations for one type of weapon, however, is already in the game. Even in the 48-minute gameplay, players noticed that the same shotgun has at least 3-4 options for reloading.

Cyberpunk 2077 will be released April 16, 2020.

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