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A web developer wrote a search engine with all quotes from Marvel Bible -style movies.

You can find any phrase from 22 MCU pictures in it.

A web developer under the nickname Shonnyboymushi told Reddit about his website , which he created for fans of the Marin film festival . On it, you can write any quotation from the MCU films and find a specific picture and the moment in which it was pronounced.

“Have you ever tried shawarma?” (Avengers 128: 52)

“You have my respect, Stark” (“Avengers: War of Infinity” 121: 43)

“You should have gone for the head” (“Avengers: War of Infinity” 131: 05)

If you click on the quote that issued the search, then its context will open: all the replicas are arranged in accordance with the timing of the film.


Shonnyboymushi said that about a month ago, someone on Reddit suggested creating a list of MCU quotes, as if it were the Bible – instead of a chapter and a verse, the film is indicated and the exact time when the phrase sounds.

After the Shonnyboymushi project became popular, the developer promised to add several functions: next to each quote it will be written who its author is, and a search by characters will appear.


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