On the eve of the second season dragon – like creatures began to appear on the map in Apex Legends

And it makes sense to shoot them.

On June 18th, in Apex Legends, players began to notice creatures remotely looking like dragons in the sky. In Titanfall Laura, they probably carry a different name, and the image with them in files, which was found back in March, is called Flyer or “Flyer”. Respawn probably started teasing up second season.

Model Flyer from game files

Flyers do not just fly over the map, but carry chests with loot in their paws, which usually fall out of dead characters. In this case, the nicknames of players from the list of friends are written on them, or, if there are no friends, the nicknames of the developers from Respawn. In other words, it makes sense to shoot them.

Some players began to experiment and were able, for example, to hook onto the Flyer using the Pathfinder hook.


The Respawn teaser of the Flyers appeared on EA Play, when during the broadcast after the trailer she showed footage with these creatures and the eye of another creature in the background. The fragment itself is probably cut from a future animation, like the one that came out on the release of the game

The second season of Apex Legends will begin on July 2, in which new players will be waiting for players , the 10th character, as well as some changes in the balance.

During the second season, the second combat pass will also be released, which Respawn has already promised to do better than the first


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