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8 women talked about harassment and rape by the author remake of “Dirka Gently” and “Brightness”

On the prosecution of speech is not yet .

Portal The Daily Beast has published stories of eight women, claiming that the famous screenwriter Max Landis sexually harassed them, as well as engaged in psychological manipulation.

Five possible victims told the incident anonymously, and two – openly. The eighth, in turn, told that she filed a police application against Landis in 2008, but they did not let the case go (according to her, Landis attacked her while she was drunk). Several girls reported harassment on set.

Actress Ani Baker confirmed that she had met Landis for a while, and when she wanted to leave, he began to force her to have sex. According to her, he could fall into a rage from a small slap and start shouting: “I’ll kill you *****, do you understand what I’m saying? I will kill you, *****. “

Three women said that Landis choked them. One of the eight claims he raped her and also humiliated her because he wanted her to cry during sex.

The 33-year-old screenwriter has not yet responded to the publication, but it did not come as a surprise to the public – such statements were addressed to Landis over the past year.

Directed by Josh Trunk, who shot the “Chronicle” for the script Landis, said he believed in what was said.


I 100% believe every word from the article about Max. I have forbidden him to come to the site of the “Chronicle” and have not spoken to him since 2012. I only get sick of one reading about how many women he has since done so much horrible. I am crushed beyond measure.

Before the advent of a series of statements about sexual abuse, Landis was considered a promising author. In addition to the Chronicle, he worked on the Brightness script with Will Smith, and the American version of Dirk Gently was actually built around his personality.

Even before the publication of the article Landis lost almost all of his potential projects. “Dirk Gently” was closed and did not outbid, and the sequel “Brightness” found other authors.

In addition, Landis was removed from the post of producer in the upcoming film “Shadow in the Cloud” with Chloe Moretz, and MGM studio removed the film “Deeper” from the author’s script – Idris Elba was to play in the film.


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