Journalists: “The Jedi: Fallen Order demonstration at E3 did not reflect the essence of the game. It’s a mix of Metroid and Dark Souls. ”

As you progress, gamers will be able to return to the planets and get into new zones.

In episode 212 of The Giant Beastcast, employees of the Giant Bomb portal told about the Jedi: Fallen Order demo version, shown at E3 2019.

  • At first glance, the game resembles a mixture of God of War and Uncharted due to the abundance of levels with clambering over walls and fights on melee weapons. On the other hand, the Fallen Order has elements of Metroid and Dark Souls.
  • The main character has a ship and crew. He can move freely between different planets. This is not a linear storytelling game.
  • The map is made in the canonical style for Star Wars with blue holograms. As an example, the journalist Giant Bomb cited the Metroid Prime card. When a gamer moves to a new location, its boundaries are not clearly defined – only tasks are displayed.
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  • In some zones, the main character will be able to get only after acquiring certain skills or upgrading the droid.
  • By analogy with the fires in Dark Souls in Jedi: Fallen Order there will be special points of “meditation” in which you can save the game and pump your character. When using such a point, all enemies are reborn.

Information was confirmed by Kotaku editor Jason Schreier. He spoke with a Respawn employee who also said that at E3 only a small part of the Jedi: Fallen Order was shown.

The game comes out on November 15th.

Details of the gameplay Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order from the exclusive material Game Informer 


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