15 minutes of gameplay simulator Planet Zoo from the authors of Zoo Tycoon

Begin to follow the animals will be November 5 on the PC.

The video from Frontier Developments shows a demo of Planet Zoo, which was shown to visitors of E3 2019.

The developers showed different parts of the zoo and the animals living in it, noting the key features of the simulator.

For example, the details of the animals this time paid special attention, including the study of fur and wool for each species. Responsible for it is a separate technology developed specifically for the game.

The gameplay is focused on the state of the animals, although how happy the visitors will also have to be.

For each species, you need to create a zone that will most closely match its natural habitat, up to the level of salt content in the soil – this is important, for example, for crocodiles.

Some animals for complete happiness will require additional elements in the design of their zone in the zoo, such as wooden structures for monkeys or claws for wild cats.

All the animals in the zoo multiply, mature and die over time, and the level of conditions in their zone will affect how long they live.

Finally, animals can escape from their zones, but, for example, cannot kill visitors – people will simply run away, and the park will lose its reputation.

Planet Zoo will be released on PC on November 5th. On Steam, a pre-order base version costs  $43.99 USD , and an extended version costs  $53.99 USD .


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