Performing missions in any order and coordinating actions: details of the gameplay of Wolfenstein Youngblood

Play better in co-op, although it is not necessary.

At E3 2019, PC Gamer journalist Christopher Livingston played in the cooperative demo Wolfenstein Youngblood from MachineGames and Arkane, and in his material he told

 what players should expect.

  • By the time the game began, the sisters had never been in battle, and the more so, entire Nazi detachments did not kill.
  • The scene with the first murder made by the sisters made the PC Gamer journalist laugh, but he didn’t describe it.
  • The game can be played solo (then the second sister is controlled by the AI), but there are many places in it where coordination with a friend will be more efficient and more interesting in general. For example, the first player may read a rapidly changing code at one point on the map, while the second will enter it on a dashboard in a completely different place.
  • Sisters share a reserve of lives among themselves – if one of them is shot down, the second one can raise it, but only a limited number of times. If the supply of lives expires, you will have to start from a control point.
  • Opening containers containing bonus lives requires coordinated actions by both sisters.
  • One of the ways of interaction between the sisters is different gestures that players can show to each other. This activates short phrases and gives bonuses, like +50 to health.
  • The sisters have their own abilities that can be pumped, as well as those abilities that the costume gives – for example, invisibility.
  • Invisibility and also the ability to make sudden jerks and had a boss who is found in the demo with E3.
  • Youngblood is still the most non-linear Wolfestein – there are open and multi-level locations in the game, where missions can be performed in any order, and there are several ways to approach the goals themselves. This is the merit ofparticipating in the development of Arkane.

Wolfenstein Youngblood will be released on July 28 on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC. On the latest platform will support raytracing.


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