Motorcycles, hacking and no boot screens: details of the demo of Cyberpunk 2077

Journalists told the details of the gameplay excerpt of 50 minutes, which was demonstrated at E3 2019.

IGN retold the demo version of Cyberpunk 2077, which CD Projekt RED showed at E3 2019. The general public is likely to be able to see this gameplay only in August, so they chose the main thing from the text.

  • The demo is accompanied by the inscription “Still work in progress” – the game is still in development.
  • The duration of the gameplay demo is about 50 minutes.
  • CD Projekt RED will show the demo version of Cyberpunk 2077 with E3 to the general public, “when it is ready”.
  • The demo version shows an excerpt from the middle of the game.
  • The main character, Vi, was implanted with a biochip in his head, which allegedly contains the secret of immortality. In the story, players will learn more about the chip – for example, it is constantly emphasized that the chip was implanted against the will of Wee.
  • Johnny Silverhand, played by Keanu Reeves, is a digital ghost. The IGN reviewer considers this to be proof that the real Silhend is dead.
  • We are assisted by the Voodoo Boys (“Voodoo”) non-tranche group.
  • Players will be able to change the skin color, eyes and hair of Wee, as well as the character’s facial features.
  • After leaving the editor of appearance, Johnny Silverhand says: “You think someone does not ***** (anyway), how do you look?”.
  • We meet the Voodooists near the chapel, and the nothranners say they have connections with Haiti.
  • In the chapel, where Be comes, a large crowd of people listen to the priest’s sermon.
  • In a conversation with a coherent “Voodoo”, an additional dialog option may open up – if you choose the pre-history of “street child” for V.
  • The messenger sends V to the butcher’s shop, where the main character needs to find a character named Placide.
  • On street graffiti you can see the inscription: “Where is Johnny?”.
  • The demo takes place in an area called Pacifica, which was desolate and impoverished after investors left it.
  • Pacifica is slightly reminiscent of the California city of Santa Monica – there also has a Ferris wheel, flamingo figures and hotels.
  • In an abandoned shopping center called GIM, a hostile gang settled – “Animals” (Animals). You have to find out who supplied them with high-tech equipment.
  • We can implant a chip translator to understand other languages. In the demo with the main character talking in Creole, and the chip showed subtitles to the speech of the characters.
  • In Pacific, V comes to the hotel, re-equipped by vendors of various vehicles. Vie walks into the Grann’s Tech Shop.
  • The game has a lot of shops and equipment that open as V earns fame and reputation on the streets.
  • Johnny Silverhand acts as an inner voice, a narrator in the mind of Wee.
  • The game has a large selection of clothes for character customization.
  • The IGN browser purchased the Demon software, which gives an additional ability to equip.
  • Placid invites V to his office, where he offers a job, but does not tell anything about it.
  • The IGN browser hacked into the Placida computer system to find out information about the chip with the secret of immortality. Placid can regain control of the system and counterattack.
  • According to the plot, Wee will receive a bullet in the head, which will suspend the operation of the chip.
  • During a conversation with Placid, Johnny Silverland walks behind him in the form of a hologram and periodically comments on what is happening.
  • Placid as a result orders to release GIM from “Animals” and on a mission can look at everything through the eyes of Wee, as well as talk with the main character in his head.
  • Vie can ride motorcycles, among which there is a model Yaibi Kuzanaki – it is included in the collector’s edition.
  • During the ride, you can change the view from the first and third person and listen to different radio stations.
  • No loading screens – they turn on only when moving fast.
  • We are storming GIM along with the Voodooists. You can enter the “Animals” den through the main entrance or bypass the large parking lot and get into the building secretly.
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  • “Animals” respect power and drink a kind of “juice”, which greatly increases their own power.
  • Closed doors can be knocked out or hacked – then a mini-game with hacking will start.
  • When hacking, V must select the correct codes in order to gain basic access to the desired object. The main character can continue hacking, which, if successful, will open additional opportunities.
  • Opposite the names of “Animals” are the icons with the number “18”, which probably means their level.
  • Enemy can be killed from a firearm or other weapons or finish off imperceptibly – for example, stab a bottle into pieces. Enemies can also be stunned and hidden in the garbage disposal.
  • The main character sneaks into GIM and notices the “Animals” boxing with the robot. It can be hacked and increase the difficulty settings to maximum, after which the robot will cut down its rivals.
  • Wee can also hack a machine with soda to distract opponents.
  • Enemies can be used as human shields and snatch weapons from their hands.
  • Wee is also able to hack the enemy and force him to shoot himself or blow up a grenade in his hands.
  • After a shot at the knee, the opponent begins to limp.
  • The game is a dynamic change of day and night and, according to the browser IGN, beautiful sunsets.
  • The whole game can be completed without killing.
  • A branch of improvements looks like a big motherboard. Developers also call the class system movable, since abilities can be combined.
  • We can pump skills in the following categories: blades, rifles, sniper rifles, pistols, shotguns, cold-blood, stealth murder, hacking, two-handed combat (two-handed), engineering.
  • The main character can use the improvement that accelerates his movements.
  • Fights in Cyberpunk 2077 look spectacular and bloody.
  • The abilities of the main character affect the choice of options in the dialogues.
  • The game has a high level of destructibility – there are many traces of bullets. 
  • You need to find in GIM some kind of high-tech equipment. When the main character discovers him, it turns out that one of the non-transacting allies is a NetWatch agent.
  • NetWatch is a cybercrime organization whose goal is to end the “Voodooists”.
  • Wee pursues a NetWatch agent and encounters the leader of the Animals, a woman nicknamed Sasquatch. She fights with a huge hammer, which holds her back with a “juice” tank. If you break it, Sasquatch will lose strength and drop the hammer.
  • After the fight, V sneaks into the cinema, where he meets with a NetWatch agent. He wants to talk to the main character alone and turns off V’s connection with Placid.
  • A NetWatch employee claims that after completing the mission, Placid will kill V. In response, the journalist IGN tried to stun and crack a NetWatch agent to free the girl Bridgette that Wee wants to meet.
  • As a result, Bee himself became unconscious. When he reboots, Johnny Stilvernd says that the NetWatch agent is right and Placid wants to kill you.
  • Later, the main character meets with Placid and Bridgette, who knows about the chip with the secret of immortality. The girl accompanies V in the secret lair of the Voodoo.
  • Wee is trying to talk to Alt Cunningham, a nontranner girl who was the first to digitize her mind.
  • The main character uses Johnny Silverhand as a lure to meet Alt Cunningham. Wee also takes a cold bath to penetrate virtual reality, which looks like a mixture of “The Matrix” and “The Throne”.

Screenshots of Cyberpunk 2077 with E3 2019 


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