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The Elder Scrolls fan about his enthusiasm at the Bethesda E3 conference: “Next year I’ll scream louder”

Active fans assure that no one paid them for shouts and applause.

At the presentation of Bethesda during the E3 2019 among the spectators there were several people who expressed their enthusiasm especially strongly, enthusiastically shouting more often and louder than others.

After the press conference, even-cutting videos began to appear on the network with exclamations of the “special HYIP detachment” from the first row.

Many began to complain about screaming in social networks and even blaming screaming fans for being paid.

Bethesda: “If you are in this room today …” Screaming guy: “Yes, *****, I’m right here!”

Frankly, this was the funniest thing at the Bethesda conference. Whatever the guy who was obviously given money for shouting, he laid out in full because of every little thing. It was a stupid thing unnatural.

I would shout too if I were paid two thousand.

You do not understand. Every time he hooted, his salary increased. He needed to be heard.

But some of the fans who were so actively supporting the developers during the performance spoke out in defense, stating that their enthusiasm was genuine. Almost all of them sat in the front row – streamers, developers and even the author of an account with memes on The Elder Scrolls Online.

Apparently, our cries at E3 infuriated the Internet. But to be honest, I wouldn’t be here if it were not for this amazing company. Yes, I got too carried away, but I love the whole ESO and Bethesda community very much.

Yes it was me. Yes, I screamed. I worked hard to be there that evening. My dream come true. I would not have achieved much if it were not for Bethesda and their games. Today I shed a tear, more than once. Thank.


When thousands of people from the Internet accuse you of being “mourned” because of the cries at E3 – “Do you guys get paid?”

Someone even tweeted his page with a picture that says: “Next year I’ll scream louder.”

Eurogamer journalists talked with twitter author The Elder Memes . He explained that he had led a page with memes on Twitter for several years and gradually established contacts with some Bethesda employees. In 2019, he was unexpectedly invited to E3 and he agreed. And to the last he did not know where exactly he would be seated.

Before I came to the hall, I had no idea that they gave me a place in the first row!

As for the cries, nobody told me anything. The developers with whom I spoke, just wanted us to enjoy the presentation. And we obviously had a great time.

I was on edge from start to finish. ESO had a great trailer, Ghostwire Tokyo and Deathloop are completely unexpected cool things, and Doom Eternal is a complete madness. Even Blades and Fallout 76 had good announcements.

And Commander Keen! I’m supposed to be five years old again and I played old games from Apogee, which I grew up with.

After all, the atmosphere at such an event is contagious. I was delighted.

account author The Elder Memes

The host of the memes account said that he was not paying attention to criticism – after all, he was not shouting at all, but he did not notice discontent on the part of the developers. In the official twitter The Elder Scrolls Online even thanked the fans from the first row.

I try not to dwell on the negative and foster a pleasant atmosphere among Elder Scrolls fans. Yes, I do not hold enthusiasm, and I do not intend to stop. […]

It seems to me that cynicism and convictions around are enough. Let people enjoy the games and respect the developers.

I do not regret anything.

account author The Elder Memes


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