Watch Dogs Legion description appeared on Amazon UK – insiders have confirmed the leak

Trikvel out without a troika in the title.

Judging by the text on Amazon, the action of the game takes place in London’s anti-utopic version of the near future – the plot will reflect the consequences of the brexit, as well as other changes in British culture. The capital of the UK, stuffed with numerous surveillance cameras, “will be the perfect playground” for a hacker.

The gameplay description says that the player will be able to take control of any NPC in the open world, and the character will have all the necessary animations, voice acting and individual traits embedded in the game systems. In this case, NPC biographies will be created procedurally.

Daniel Ahmad and Jason Schreier have already confirmed the leak. Kotaku’s editor, who previously spoke about London as a venue, noted that “Ubisoft almost managed to keep a secret” to E3. According to him, the same name was mentioned by several independent sources of the publication.

Kotaku specifies that with the NPC capture function, the user will be able to recruit assistants and act on their behalf. The system was so complicated that the game because of it could move at least once.


According to VG247 , Watch Dogs Legion is led by Clint Hawking, creative director of Far Cry 2 and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. Reporters heard from their sources that the game will rely more on the open world system.

A recent financial statement from the publisher reported that, by April 1, 2020, the company will release three AAA games in addition to Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. It seems that one of them will be Watch Dogs Legion, and the other – not yet announced Roller Champions .

According to Jason Schreier, players awaiting the new Splinter Cell in 2019 will be “disappointed.” The journalist did not specify whether it was a release or an announcement of the game, either.


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