Jack of Swords and Albion destroyed: a possible description of the following Fable appeared on Reddit

A clip was attached to it, which was already removed from everywhere.

The original post on Reddit with a potential leak has already been removed , but users have managed to save information from it. However, reload the movie with an early build did not work, it is almost instantly removed from everywhere . This indirectly confirms the accuracy of the information.

According to the possible description, the new Fable will be with a completely open world, the editor of the protagonist, the ability to switch between the first and the third person views and without firearms.

In the story, the player will be able to build entire cities, as well as if you want to completely ignore the main quest and not become a hero. The game will have an online component, and development is carried out on the Unreal Engine.

As for the plot, it was noted in the post that Albion and Aurora are no more – the Spire was restored and used by the mad king, whose desire was to see the asteroid crash into the Earth. He also wished this to happen again in the distant future.

The main goal of the hero in the new Fable, according to the post, will be to prevent the destruction of the planet, and he will also be able to travel through time in the plot. From the characters will return the Jack of Swords and Teresa.


Previously, another possible insider has already reported that the next Fable will be a kind of restart of the franchise. Information from potential leakage fits in with this – judging by it, the world of the universe has changed.

Developing a new Fable engaged Playground Games, the authors of Forza Horizon. Officially, Microsoft still did not confirm this, but various independent sources reported this, while the studio itself expanded, actively recruiting staff to create games in the open world.

Perhaps Microsoft will show the first teaser for this Fable at the upcoming E3 2019, but even with that in mind, everything indicates that the release is unlikely to take place before 2021.


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