Game director Uncharted: The Lost Legacy told about the main character’s watches, which go in real time

The developers “translated” the clock to match the time environment.

Game director Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Kurt Margeneau said that the authors paid great attention to the main character’s watch. He shared the story after one of Twitter users posted a photo of a clock that resembles Nathan Drake’s clock.

According to Margeneau, the clock on Chloe Fraser’s hand in The Lost Legacy shows the actual in-game time. The Drake clock in the fourth part, in turn, all the time showed 10:10 – usually in this position are the arrows in the photographs in the catalogs.

We have developed a complex script-shader solution for the movement of all arrows, including the second, in real time. But we did not want the hands to wind the clock and show a strange time that did not correspond to [in-game] reality.

Therefore, in some key cutscenes, we translated the hands on the clock so that their readings correspond to the time of day. After that, the clock went back to normal.

Kurt Margenaugame director Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

The developers wanted the clock to show a plausible time at any time when the player, for example, wants to take a screenshot. One of the main initiators of this feature was game designer Felix Park.


One of the users shared a similar animation of the Nathan Drake clock, but Margenau said that this is a record of the pre-release version of Uncharted 4, in which the second hand was moving on the hero’s watch.

Apparently, the basis of the watch Nathan Drake formed the model Fossil FS4616.

In addition, Margeneau said that Chloe in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy has several degrees of “tattered” hair. If the heroine fights, moves actively or gets wet, her curls fall on her forehead. In moments of respite, she tucks them behind her ears.

In addition, the developers experimented with the dynamic appearance of sweat stains on clothes. They rejected the idea, since in the cut scenes the appearance of the heroine should have been specifically predetermined.


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