Fox changed the Russian name of the film “Ford v. Ferrari “with” Daring Call “on” Ford vs Ferrari “

Literal translation won.

The Russian department of the studio 20th Century Fox added a sports drama Ford v. Ferrari in its own release schedule in February 2019. According to the “Film Distributor’s Bulletin” edition, the domestic version of the film was originally called the “Bold Challenge”. Promotional materials of the film with this title did not go.

In April, Fox studio transferred the picture from June 27 to November 14, but did not change its localized name. At the end of May, Entertainment Weekly and Empire magazines published the first shots of Ford v. Ferrari – and Russian netizens were outraged when they learned the domestic adaptation of this title.

First shots Ford v. Ferrari – sports drama from the author “Logan” 

However, in the dubbed the first trailer of the film, which was released on the night of 2 to 3 June, you can see that its name sounds like “Ford vs. Ferrari”. Judging by the video and profiles of the Russian department of the 20th Century Fox in social networks, the film will be released in Russian distribution under this name.

Shot from the first trailer for Ford vs. Ferrari

Ford vs Ferrari will talk about car designer Shelby and racer Ken Miles, who worked together on a new sports car capable of overtaking Ferrari cars. The main roles in the film were played by Matt Damon and Christian Bale, and the director was James Mangold, the director of Logan.

Biopic trailer for Ford and Ferrariconfrontation


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