Valuable metals and legendary items: details of the second combat pass Apex Legends

A full presentation of the update will take place on June 8 at EA Play.

The developers of Respawn told the first details of the combat pass, which the studio will add in the second season of the “royal battle” Apex Legends.

Members of the subscription will be able to perform daily and weekly tasks, which will allow you to quickly pump the level of combat p asses. Every 25 levels, users will receive a legendary item, and after reaching the 100th level – a skin for weapons with the possibility of improvement. Players who overcome the 110th level will also acquire a repainted version of this skin.


Respawn will also replace rewards in the form of character phrases with precious metals. Players will receive enough of these resources to create legendary items.

In addition, the developers will remove the icons and trackers statistics, which were included in the basis of the first combat pass. Instead, users will be able to improve the overall icon and receive additional cosmetic rewards.

Other details of the second season of Apex Legends should be announced during EA Play broadcast.


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