Respawn responded to criticism of the contents of the first combat pass Apex Legends

In future seasons, the authors have promised more innovations.

On March 18, Respawn announced that the debut season of Apex Legends will start on the 19th, and at the same time the first combat pass will be released , the contents of which have disappointed many players.

The pass will be sold for 950 Apex coins, which will cost about 700 rubles, and there will be 100 levels in total – one award in each of them.

As calculated by the players, 20% of all awards are level stripes and statistics trackers, which, in fact, cannot even be called “cosmetics” – in the matches themselves all this is not visible.

Awards 87 through 94 pass level

The players didn’t like skins for weapons, since apart from the most recent image at level 100, these are just repainted base models.

Skin at level 100 is the first legendary image in the game that will have several stages. In the framework of one match, you need to gain kills, and then the details of the weapon will begin to glow and release smoke.

The legendary image of “Chaos” for the 100 level pass

The skins on Lifeline, Rafe and Mirage, as well as for weapons, turned out to be a repaint of the basic models and disappointment for the players, but all three are given not for levels, but immediately with the acquisition of a pass.

The community, however, appreciated that for some of the skip levels, Apex coins are given – a premium currency that can only be bought for real money. In total, over 100 stages you can accumulate a little more than the cost of the pass itself, thereby paying for it.

The players who joined the developers in the meantime calculated that the items themselves from the pass in total cost almost 8 thousand Apex coins, which is significantly more than the price of a pass (950 coins).


Others began to joke that by the next season only the color of the design of the stripes will change, and the content itself will be the same.

Comic layout awards for the second season

Respawn Answer

A few hours after the announcement of the content of the pass, Respawn published apost on the blog Apex Legends, in which it decided to clarify the situation and promised that there would be more innovations in the future.

You will notice that the first version of the pass is not built around an integrated quest system, where you need to do a back flip from the tower and two headshots from “Slave” before you reach the ground. Although it seems to us that this is a great direction for movement in the future, we wanted to start with the fact that it will allow us to just play and learn.

We always strive to make something new, as we did with the system of marks and revivals. And we want to do the same with our combat pass. This season is only the first iteration on a long road of improvements and upgrades. We have a lot of cool ideas at work, but at the same time we want to hear yours too, so let us know.


The seasons of Apex Legends will last about three months, and in each of them there will be both new characters, like Octane, and weapons. One of these could be seen in the teaser of the first pass.


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