The Expanse series officially “moved” to Amazon

Channel SyFy abandoned the television show in early May.

May 26 Update: At the International Space Development conference in Los Angeles, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said that his company made a deal for the fourth season of The Expanse TV series.

We talked with the actors half an hour ago before dinner. I said that Amazon is working hard to save The Expanse, but then the deal was not yet complete. At dinner, 10 minutes ago, I was told that The Expanse was saved.

This is a unique show, and its authors are extraordinarily talented people. 
Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO

Original news: The Amazon Tele Division began negotiations on the fourth season of The Expanse (“Space”). This was reported by the publication The Hollywood Reporter 10 days after the SyFy channel refused to cooperate with the authors of the TV show.

Production The Expanse was engaged in the company Alcon Television Group, which sold SyFy only the right of “first show” in the United States. Thus, the profit channel is entirely dependent on the ratings of the show.

Due to the fact that viewers prefer to watch similar TV shows through streaming services, The Expanse ratings on SyFy began to fall. Despite the high ratings of critics and network users, the channel refused to work with Alcon Television after the third season.

According to the sources of The Hollywood Reporter, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is a big fan of the original James Cory book series, which formed the basis of the television show. According to the publication, he was very upset because SyFy began to cooperate with the authors of the series.

The Expanse series debuted in 2015. Then the number of viewers aged from 18 to 49 was 581 thousand. In the second season, their number fell by 24% to 457 thousand, and by the third – to 400 thousand spectators.

The ranking of the third season of The Expanse on Rottentomatoes is 100%.


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