Rockstar removed poker from RDR Online in some countries – to follow “local laws”

But this does not make much sense – at least for now.

In mid-May, RDR Online finally got out of the beta test, but some players could not find poker in it. After applying for support, it turned out that this is a deliberate regional limitation.

The presence of poker in Red Dead Onl ine depends on regional laws and regulations – it may not be available to all players.


In short, poker will not appear in countries where online gambling is prohibited.from support message

Such problems have arisen from users in Argentina and several other countries.

As noted by the players, perhaps, Rockstar decided to simply play it safe. The fact is that in RDR Online poker you cannot use real money or even virtual currency purchased for it. For real money, you can only buy gold bars that are not used in this mode.

Some users managed to get around the restriction using a VPN, but Rockstar could theoretically stop these attempts.

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