Total War: Three Kingdoms has got its first reviews – what journalists write

“A breath of fresh air for the series.”

May 16 slept ban on the publication of reviews of Total War: Three Kingdoms – the continuation of a series of real-time strategies from the studio Creative Assembly. This time, the developers chose China from the time of the Three Kingdoms (II century), when a civil war broke out in the country.

We chose the most important of the first reviews. Almost all critics claim that this is the most ambitious and most ambitious game in the series lately: Three Kingdoms simultaneously returned to its roots and offered a new gaming experience.

Thanks to the semi-legendary setting, the developers “pushed aside” the framework of realism. Before starting the game, Three Kingdoms proposes to choose one of two modes: standard and “romanticized”, based on the Chinese classic work “Three Kingdoms”.

The latter is a novelty for the series. If the usual mode is made with an emphasis on realism, then the “romanticized” does not stop to add fantastic and pseudo-historical elements to the game. Legendary warriors and generals can withstand whole units, endurance of soldiers is almost not spent, and the battles themselves turn into epic battles.

This is a version of the story, which is closer to the epic film, where there is still a scale, but the subtleties are ignored whenever they are uncomfortable.

Jodie macgregor author of PC Gamer

Journalists were divided as to whether Total War needed such an innovation or not – but most still believe that the “romanticized” mode updates the gameplay coolly and reflects the development of the series over the past four years.

Creative Assembly was able to translate the long-standing, grandiose and epic epic to a form that both beginners and fans of Total War will enjoy.

Ginny Wuby GameSpot

As in any other Total War, in the Three Kingdoms there is a fine tuning of literally everything – from the state to the army. Journalists say that diplomacy has become much deeper: in almost every case, the player has dozens of opportunities. The game warns in advance what consequences this or that choice will bring: how much money this or that trade agreement, exchange of territories or even a dynastic marriage will bring.


Diplomacy has always been Total War’s weak point, even when all other things were constantly improving – so all these changes are welcome.

Jodie macgregor author of PC Gamer

Three Kingdoms complicates the traditional gameplay of the series (even in the new mode), thereby raising the threshold of entry – however, according to journalists, the game tries to remain understandable for beginners. The interface that many have complained about earlier began to look better, and the game provides training for almost every action.

Very rarely, I can praise the menu for being pleasant to look at. In particular, I am talking about the reform tree, which literally is a tree. Every time you open something in a branch, it starts to bloom. It is insanely beautiful.

Chris Vrey by Wccftech

Became more beautiful and graphics – something that not all strategies can boast. According to the author of the Wccftech, Chris Wrei , China in its diversity of regions looks amazing – although the map is slightly lacking in detail.

From high mountains and huge forests to massive rivers, everything looks great.

Chris Vrey by Wccftech

Release Total War: Three Kingdoms will be held May 23 on the PC. The average score of the game on Metacritic at the time of this writing is 83 points – based on 23 reviews.


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