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Grumpy Cat cat died – she was seven years old

The photo with her at one time became a famous meme, and in 2014 Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever was released with an animal.

The death of the animal was reported in his Twitter account. The cause was an infection that the vets could not cope with. The cat died on May 14 at the home of her mistress Tabata Bundesen.

The cat, nicknamed Grumpy Cat, became a famous meme on the network after her mistress’s brother published a photo of the animal on Reddit.


The attention of users attracted the unusual structure of the muzzle, because of which the cat constantly looked displeased.

And in 2014, Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever was released for an hour and a half, in which Grumpy Cat helps the little girl to feel the Christmas spirit and becomes her friend.

You can watch the movie on Amazon.

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