Producer Devil May Cry 5: “We would like to see a sequel to DmC, but only if it is made by Ninja Theory”

The developer is confident that this is the only correct approach to creating a sequel.

In an interview with Feed4Gamers, Devil May Cry 5 producer Matt Walkers said that Capcom is open to new ideas and would not mind launching a continuation of DmC into production. The only condition – the game must deal with the authors of the original from the studio Ninja Theory.

As developers, we wanted to work with Ninja Theory again – on the sequel to DmC. But, unfortunately, [this project] has not been launched yet.

We still want to see the sequel. And we believe that Ninja Theory should work on it. Only thanks to the taste of this team, the game had such an amazing style and content. Without Ninja Theory, it would not be a DmC.Matt Walkersproducer Devil May Cry 5


Walkers also noted that DLC will no longer be released for Devil May Cry 5: Hideaki Ituno game director and his team have already switched to a new project.

DmC was released in 2013 and caused a negative reaction from many fans. Capcom tried to gently restart the series, changing the appearance of the main character Dante and making him look more familiar to Western players.

Despite the criticism from the fans, the press positively evaluated the game. Journalists noted unusual visual style and level design.

Since June 2018, Ninja Theory studio is owned by Microsoft.


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