Subject quests, poker and the choice of “style of play”: Red Dead Online came out of beta

Fighting off annoying players should be easier.
Rockstar has released a major patch for Red Dead Redemption 2, primarily adding content to the multiplayer game mode. RDR Online beta testing has officially ended.

In addition to the corrections of errors and changes concerning the balance, plot tasks for “honest” and “dishonest” players appeared in the action. They will continue the story of Jessica Leclerc’s revenge – the heroes will have to fight the Del Lobos gang or rob the Saint-Denis bank.

In the free mode also added several missions related to the characters from the campaign RDR 2 – Captain Thomas Skiff and farmers Aberdeen.

There are other activities in the game.

  • Poker, including competitive. You can hold both open matches and private for friends. Tables for the game appeared in Blackwater, St. Denis, Tumbleweed, Smithfield and Flatnek Station.
  • Overrun Showdown mode is a territory conquest competition.
  • Tests in the “Standoff squads” mode – competitions in fishing, hunting and gathering herbs.
  • Additional dynamic events.

The developers also launched a “style of play” selection system that will help fight users who interfere with the rest.


Players will be able to choose an aggressive or defensive style. The first is no different from the usual, and the second is created for those who do not want to engage in battle with others.

Such users will be marked with a shield icon. They receive reduced damage from players and cannot be targets of PvP tasks. In addition, they are not affected by the lasso and auto-aiming.

Protective mode will immediately turn off when killing non-hostile players.

Also, law-abiding users will be able to “make claims”, those who killed them – the reward for the attacker’s head will increase.

In the summer of 2019, Rockstar promises to release additional confrontations, events and clothes, as well as three roles – a headhunter, a collector or a trader, each of which has its own particular gameplay.

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