Warbound from Starbound creators will support cross-play between PC, Switch and Xbox One

But on PS4 release of the game is delayed.

Cross-play in Wargroove, according to the developers, will be available immediately on the release on February 1, when the game will be released for PC, Switch and Xbox One.

On PS4, the release will take place “soon”, and it is possible that the delay is due to the fact that Sony has not yet given permission for Chucklefish to cross-play. While on its platform, this feature only works in Fortnite and the Rocket League , but the list will expand as Sony has revised its policy.

Wargroove is a tactical game from the creators of Starbound, in which a player controls a squad of one of 12 commanders, for each of which there is a separate campaign. Also in Wargroove there is a multiplayer for four players with the ability to customize the rules of the match, and a local cooperative.


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