SyFy closed the series “The Expanse” on the third season

He will try to sell to other networks.


At the moment, the series “Space” is the third season, consisting of 13 episodes. On May 9, the fifth series appeared on the screens, and the final is expected in early July.

Nevertheless, SyFy has already decided that it will no longer cooperate with the creators of the show. According to Deadline, this is due to the nature of the deal that the channel had previously concluded.

The series is produced by Alcon Television Group, which sold SyFy the rights to the “first show” in the United States. This means that the profit of the channel depended entirely on the ratings of the series, which in this kind of projects are falling rapidly – they are more often watched in online cinemas in a deferred format.


The Expanse is available on Netflix (including in Russia), so the service can be a potential buyer of the show.

“Space” was launched on SyFy with 581 thousand viewers aged from 18 to 49, and in the third season their number dropped to 400 thousand, which is lower than most original shows of the channel. Nevertheless, the sci-fi series was one of the most highly regarded in the SyFy package.


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