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How the Internet is trying to survive the first Sonic trailer – the best jokes

Our eyes will not be the same.

On April 30, after a lot of leaks, Paramount finally released the first trailer for the movie Sonic in Cinema.

The video was more than … strange.

“We had low expectations, but what kind of hera.”

Released trailer “Sonic to the cinema.” I:

Most of the spectators were worried about the character’s too realistic teeth.

I don’t know, guys, the Sonic trailer looks fine.

“Do not worry, I corrected the situation with the teeth.”

Why all ofigevayut from the teeth of Sonic – because they are not like a real hedgehog. I corrected them. You are welcome.

I cant.

Twitter please.

Some have decided to see how these teeth look on Pikachu from the upcoming “Detective Pikachu.”

Therapist: the meme of Sonic Pikachu does not exist, it will not harm you. Memo of Sonic Pikachu:

Now I’m still waiting for “Detective Pikachu”, and “Sonic” … no.

However, the problems of Sonic concerned not only the teeth, but also his appearance as a whole.

Corrected the appearance of Sonic in the film. Send me a check in the mail, Sega.

My favorite part in the trailer for the movie about Sonic: “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!”

“Sonic in the cinema” (2019)

I don’t know, the Sonic’s trailer looks cool. I remembered him exactly the same.

* no translation required *

Immediately send comparisons with other films, including, for example, “Jumanji”.

“Sonic in the cinema” (2019)

“Sonic in the cinema” – it’s just “Riot Eared 2.”

I already wrote a prequel for “Sonic to the movies.”

The day of the Sonic trailer is the best day.

But Jim Carrey in the role of the villain met more than positively.


Jim Carrey – the best that is in the trailer “Sonic.”

Someone seriously tried to return to the hero a normal appearance.

And many viewers paid special attention to the scene with the attack of missiles.


What I did not know is that the new Sonic is a remake of the Crusaders of Star Dust.

Sonic is now repeating a meme with a cat and knives.

It’s great that they symbolically showed the Internet reaction to the film about Sonic.

Soon, the first alternative mounting trailer appeared.

Honestly, Detective Pikachu and Sonic have similar first trailers.

Sonic entered the wrong house.

We discussed yesterday that someone should do this when the Sonic’s trailer is released. Therefore, I took it upon myself.

But the main fun began to try to replace the music in the trailer.

What if the video “Sonic” will sound “Don’t Stop Me Now”?

Yes, “Gangta’s Paradise” is an interesting choice, but what if the video featured the theme of Sonic SatAM.

Sonic needed this song for the style of the nineties.

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