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The Sinking City developers have released an extension for Chrome – it gives world leaders the names of Lovecraftian gods

Donald Trump turns into Azathoth after that, and Vladimir Putin becomes Cthulhu.

The developers from Frogwares who are involved in The Sinking City – a detective game inspired by Howard Lovecraft books – released We Love Living Story (“We all live in Lovecraft’s story”).

This is an extension for the Google Chrome browser, which changes in the news headlines the names of world political leaders to the nicknames of the Ancients – horrible monsters from the works of G. Lovecraft. So far, the plugin only does notes in English, but Frogwares has indicated that it is ready to develop the extension and add support for other languages.

Reading news frustrates you? Download our extension We are living in a Lovecraft story! Replace the names of political leaders with the nicknames of the Ancients and turn the news into another story of Lovecraft.


After installing the expansion, the news really looks different: US President Donald Trump turns out to be Azathoth, who is preparing to fight Cthulhu – that is, Vladimir Putin.

Twitter checks the messages of Azathoth for violation of social network rules.

“I believe Cthulhu”: Azatot rejected the report of his advisers on the North Korean threat.

Will Venezuela become a place where Azatot will still face Cthulhu?

The Sinking City was supposed to be released on March 21, but the developers postponed the release of the game to June 27. For extra time, the team plans to debug the game and improve its optimization. The Sinking City will appear on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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