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Built-in Face ID, but you need to recharge and carry in the “case”: tehnoblogery collectively write a review on the human body

The authors of the “review” are used to writing about smartphones and laptops, so the review style is appropriate.

In 2015, the technology publication The Verge launched the ironic Review of Animals column, where editors reviewed animals instead of gadgets. Journalists took some characteristics from typical smartphone reviews: for example, cats were recorded as “excellent vision” plus dogs were criticized for spending a lot of money on them.

Four years later, The Verge editor Vlad Savov (in the heading of the publication he praised the hens) went further and tweeted a brief overview on the human body. The criteria from phone reviews went again: built-in Face-ID (vision and memory), long recharging (need to sleep) and the requirement to constantly use the “cover” (to walk in clothes).

Review on the human body. Pros: liquid cooling system, built-in Face ID, enough entertainment, self-healing skin, the more you use it, the better it becomes. Cons: long recharging, you need to constantly carry in a case, it breaks easily, you still need to work on your intellect. 7.5 points out of 10.

A well-known video blogger Marquez Brownlee joined Savov, who added a review with his points.

Pros: constant firmware updates, great dual camera. Cons: permanent memory leaks, low peak operating temperature

Under both tweets formed threads, where users offered their points for reviews. There were noted and the usual commentators, and other tehnoblogery.

More water resistance, optical stabilization and a good selection of accessories

[In response to a tweet about superior optical stabilization] also with incredibly fast exposure control and autofocus

It takes eight hours to fully charge

And you need to recharge every night. The older the model, the less it will hold “charge”

Cameras degrade over time …

No mini headphone jack

Two ports

Depends on model

Performance is different for different users.

Can not pass the “bend test” from JerryRigEverything 

Plus: there is a fast recharge with stimulants. Minus: no protection against malicious programs (physical and emotional)

Comes with malicious software from the manufacturer. Limited warranty

Unpacking Live

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