Erotic SHMUP Subverse collected $ 1.2 million instead of $ 129 thousand

The developers of the erotic shooter Subverse can boast a successful fundraising campaign. FOW Interactive planned to collect $ 129,000 for Kickstarter on its project, but to date, users have given more than $ 1.2 million and the amount is gradually increasing – there are still nine days left until the end of the campaign.

The game, according to the developers, is a mixture of genres – tactical RPG and SHMUP (Shoot ’em up). Subverse events unfold in a fully explored galaxy.


Gamers will have to play the role of “Captain”, in the submission of which is a team of sexual and deadly “Amazons”. There will be other characters, but we will not describe their features due to age restrictions.

The game will be released on the site Steam, presumably this year.


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