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Sigourney Weaver and Ridley Scott thanked the students who put on the play “Alien”

The premiere took place on March 19 and caused a stir in social networks.

The creators of “The Alien” publicly expressed their admiration for the theatrical version of the film, which they put in the school of the city of North Bergen, New Jersey. Sigourney Weaver, who performed the role of Ellen Ripley, recorded a video in which she praised the scenery created by the students and noted that the newcomer looks very natural.

Hi guys. I saw a fragment of your production on Alien. I want to say that she ironed incredibly. You have invested so much strength and soul. And the Alien himself turned out very plausible.

I want to convey to you congratulations not only from myself, but also from James Cameron and the author of the original script, Walter Hill. We say you “Bravo.”

And something else. You know … Someone else might still be close by. So when you open your locker, do it very carefully.

Sigourney Weaveractress

The director of the original film, Ridley Scott, also praised the play. He wrote a letter to the theater group, in which he noted the ingenuity of the schoolchildren and promised to allocate them funds for another production.

I take my hat off to you for your creativity, imagination and perseverance in creating such an ambitious performance. Constraints often lead to the best results, because imagination and perseverance will ALWAYS find a way to overcome all problems and move things forward.

Ridley Scott producer

Scott suggested using his film Gladiator as material for the next play.

My favorite director Ridley Scott has just expressed the official support for the play on Alien to the dramatic club of North Bergen! Thank you, Mr. Scott, for creating the “Alien” and the opportunity to share it with the new generation! “Gladiator: the play” will be in 2020! Yes!

The work on the play took the schoolchildren from North Bergen almost eight months, and they created props and costumes from garbage.

“Alien” on stage: American schoolchildren played a play by the original horror Ridley Scott 

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