As from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic cut out the whole planet – with a ready story

Difficulties in the development.

Initially, the release of Knights of the Old Republic was to be held in 2002. However, due to the huge scale of the game and the bankruptcy of Interplay, the publisher of Neverwinter Nights (the games were developed at the same time), the release had to be postponed – as a result, it appeared on the Xbox only in July 2003. The PC version was released in November of the same year.

However, even with the transfer, BioWare still did not have enough time to complete the game. Polygon journalist Alex Kane talked to the studio’s key staff about how KOTOR’s design ended. To be in time for release, BioWare had to remove an entire planet from the game.

The fact that the game was supposed to be another planet called Slaheiron, fans learned almost immediately after the release of KOTOR. First, among the pre-release images were screenshots from this location. Secondly, there are traces in the game files – for example, the names of some of the files from the soundtrack referred to Slaheiron.

We cut out the whole planet, which was in development – we had already managed to make a part of it then. It was a difficult decision, because my friend Dean Andersen was responsible for its decoration. It was unpleasant to remove the whole world from the game.

James olen Lead Designer Knights of the Old Republic

Slehairon on pre-release screenshot

Judging by the words of the developers, she did not play a big role in the plot. Sladeuron is a planet-arena where gladiatorial battles between slaves were organized.

It was the world of gladiators, where the player had to go through a storyline resembling the comic Planet Hulk. The player got stuck on Sleheyron, cut his way up, won the tournament and ran away from the planet. But we did not have enough time, so the location had to be cut.

James olen Lead Designer Knights of the Old Republic

Fans managed to restore some files for the mod, however, it never saw the light – its creators stopped all attempts to recreate the level. However, some of the results of their work can still be seen on YouTube.

According to the screenwriter of the game David Heyder, by the time they decided to cut out the planet, the plot of all the quests was almost ready for it. The gleam of the Hutts ruled the slecheuron — Tatooine, Taris, and Nar Shaddaa were among their possessions.

It was possible to take a side job from the Hutts. They all feuded among themselves – they could be set against each other. One of them was called Suud the Hutt – and I really liked him because of his cunning.

David geider screen writer Knights of the Old Republic

Producer LucasArts Mike Gallo, on the contrary, believes that it was not so difficult to cut the planet – all the same, all the content from it went to other locations.

Everything was like this: “In general, look how we act. We cannot afford to finish making this planet, with all its surroundings. But we will move some quests from here to this planet. ”

Mike gallo producer LucasArts

And, according to the developers, such things are absolutely normal when it comes to creating video games. Many ideas are cut out even at the design stage – it is therefore surprising that the creation of the Slaheuron was included in production at all.

This happens with every game. We had a lot to cut out from Baldur’s Gate. And most often this happens during design. […] By the time the content reaches the artists, it is already clear that it will most likely fall into the game.

John gallagher leading concept artist

Sladeuron is mentioned several times in Knights of the Old Republic, and in 2015, the plot from this level was adapted for the Marvel’s Star Wars comic. In the tenth edition, Luke Skywalker finds himself in gladiator fights on Nar Shaddaa, where the Hutt, obsessed with Jedi artifacts, wants to kill.

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