Beam diminution and “stick ugliness”: a special weapon in The Outer Worlds

There will be five such types in the game .

According to Obsidian employees, in addition to the more or less standard weapons in The Outer Worlds there will be so-called “scientific” – unique items with “crazy” effects.

You can find them by completing tasks that are often not related to the main storyline campaign. The developers have promised that one such item will be in each of the five categories of weapons (although additional ones may appear in potential DLCs):

  • light melee weapon;
  • heavy melee weapons;
  • pistols;
  • rifles;
  • heavy artillery.

Unlike all the other “guns” in the game, the effectiveness of “scientific” weapons does not depend on the level of possession of a particular category, but on the ability of “science”.

In Obsidian they hope that this will help the characters-scientists to give a fitting rebuff to opponents in open battle.

At the moment, only one scientific weapon is known – the Shrink Ray (Shrink Ray), which “squeezes” the enemy, causing him a little damage and increasing his sensitivity to attacks.


The developers said that the beam will affect anyone – from ordinary opponents to giant monsters and the final boss. In the studio, they intend to balance everything so that even the players will enjoy this battle.

The remaining scientific weapons are kept secret by the Obsidian staff, but they uncovered the unofficial name of one of them – “the ugly stick”.

The authors of The Outer Worlds have emphasized that each of these items will be truly special – there is no question of credibility in their case.

Some “guns” were even excluded from the list of scientific ones, because they were not original enough. For example, a rifle shooting fireballs, was transferred to the category of standard weapons.

The Outer Worlds will be released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2019.


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