The release of the Mora remake will be gradual – the head of Garuspik will be released first

Developers don’t want to make players wait even longer.

About the decision, said the head of the studio Ice-Pick Lodge Nikolay Dybovsky. According to him, the chapter with the script on behalf of Garuspik will be released in early 2019, and only then, after a short delay, the heads of Bachelor and Impostors will join it.

Dybowski noted that the developers decided to resort to an episodic release, because they did not want to postpone the release again. In addition, the Mora remake is the first game that Ice-Pick Lodge creates in such close contact with the players, and based on the feedback about the head of Garuspick, the team will try to adjust the feed in the other two episodes.


The head of the studio assured that the original idea of ​​the whole game, even taking into account potential changes, will not be affected. Instead, developers just want to make history more accessible.

In early November, Microsoft announced that “Mor” will appear in the Game Pass from the day of release. Probably, the episodic model of the game will not affect this in any way, and chapters will appear in the service as they are received.


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