Players have asked Bethesda to immortalize 82-year-old grandmother playing Skyrim in TES VI

She herself is afraid that by the release of the sixth part she will have no time for games.

82-year-old Shirley Curry began publishing a video with the passage of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim back in September 2015 and continues to do so to this day. The last video at the time of this writing was released on November 24th. For all this time, she gained over 400 thousand subscribers and entered the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest gamer on YouTube.

However, while Curry is playing Skyrim, she is also afraid that by the time the sixth part is released, she will not be able to travel around Tamriel.

She told about this in her commentary under the video , the author of which analyzed Pete Heins’ interview with Eurogamer and suggested that TES VI should not be expected before 2024.

It looks like it is literally a nail in the lid of my coffin! When Skyrim 6 comes out, I will be 88, and I most likely will not be able to play it anymore. I can only dream.Shirley curryblogger


The players touched it and one of them shared the comment of the grandmother in the section of the game on Reddit. As a result, the community decided to turn to Bethesda and ask the studio to perpetuate Shirley Curry in the upcoming role-playing game. Especially for this, a petition was created on, which has already been signed by over two thousand people.

Gamers ask developers to add Curry to the game as an NPC, or dedicate a weapon or even an entire location to it.

Earlier, Bethesda had already done this when it created a separate NPC in Skyrim in memory of Eric West, who was killed in 2011 by a cancer Oblivion fan. Probably, the developers will not refuse this time.


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