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What to expect from a Google presentation on GDC – according to insider Kotaku

No console – just a gamepad.

March 19 at 20:00 Moscow time, Google will hold a game presentation at the GDC exhibition. Kotaku editor Jason Schreier, citing sources close to the company, toldwhat to expect from the event.

  • The presentation will be entirely devoted to the Project Stream streaming platform, which the company has already openly tested. In the usual sense, none of the respondents heard about a full-fledged console. This is hinted at by the stand, where the failed prefixes of the past are exposed: so Google wants to show that the console is an unnecessary restriction.
  • From the “iron” announcements at the event is expected to be a gamepad with special functionality designed to work with the streaming service. Schreier does not exclude that the controller itself will be able to send a picture to the TV – without any additional consoles.
  • Google hopes that its solution will “fly up” thanks to the company’s powerful server infrastructure covering the whole world. It is assumed that the user will be able to run the most powerful games on PC, Mac, smartphones and TVs.
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  • Buy branded gamepad is not required. Apparently, the technology will work without it. For example, they will allow you to play through Google Chromecast with a controller from Xbox One connected to it.
  • Google wants to fundamentally change the relationship of players with streamers. For example, the user can potentially see an interesting moment in the broadcast, buy the game and continue it right from the moment where the streamer was playing. Another option is an instant connection to a server on which a streamer, for example, plays an online shooter.
  • We consider the possibility of deep integration with YouTube – for example, game trailers with the function of instant purchase or a quick search for the right moment of the campaign in the passages.
  • In the past few years, Google has been investing in game development and entering into contracts with major publishers, so several new titles can be shown at the event.

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